Robot Factories Are Taking People’s Jobs

Robotic factories growing rapidly

robots working


robots working

By: Ian Bilawski, Journalist

Robot factories work for 24 hours with no pay. Factories are picking robots over people because over time it will save them thousands of dollars. Robots will most likely replace up to 20 million American factory jobs by 2025. 85 million jobs may be replaced by the shift in labor between humans and machines by 2025.  Increasing automation will also boost jobs and economic growth. If all factories in the world switch to robotics, then the factories will put out a multimillion number of jobs. The research fits a long trend of countries that include South Korea and Germany both have a bunch of robot workers. New technologies can give tools for monitoring, managing, and motivating their workers. Soon there will be no need for humans. These are a few reason that robot factories are growing.

Why is this happening

  • The more computers are trained to perform very high-repetitive tasks that are often assigned to new unimportant employees, the more jobs focused on hard tasks with good salaries will step in their place.
  • As new types of jobs that no one has done before are being created, young workers are not as likely to be forced to compete with their elders, and more likely to be developer
  • So, how should you prepare to land one of these roles? First, do a simple Google search. Include the name of your industry plus key phrases like “future of work,” or “job trends in [industry]” to see what positions are up and coming in your area of interest.

Cool facts

  • Robots will most likely replace up to 20 million American factory jobs’ by 2025 in the US alone.
  • 19,600,000 more jobs will be lost from 2007 to 2025 in the US alone.