Is the rtx 3050 worth it?


Source: NVIDIA Corporation

“NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang shows off the GeForce RTX 2060” by NVIDIA Corporation is licensed under CC BY 4.0

By: Abiral Gurung, Journalist

Since 2020 gpu prices has risen drastically, due to chip shortages and high demand for gpu’s due to cryptocurrency’s prices rising and miners buying the lasted cards to mine even quicker. Well NVIDA just realesed its cheapest rtx card, the rtx 3050 ti. It was only available in gaming laptops but it is now its is a full card selling for $249.99, but the real question is, is it worth it to get it and where can you get it.

The rtx 3050 launched on January 27 and was sold on websites such as Newegg, BestBuy, Microcenter, etc. Well now it is out of stock but when it comes back should you get it or not? If you are planning on getting it watch out for scalpers who might try and sell you the card for double it’s price.

The rtx 3050 ti runs most newer games on 60 fps high settings 1080p and sometimes 1440p. It is amazing for its price but may struggle on more demanding games such as cyberpunk 2077.  It’s a perfect card for its price and a great card if you want a great gaming experience. Watch the video above for more information about the card and it’s benchmarks on different games.






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