Remote control cars


By: Tamanno Alimova

Remote control cars are a very complex and fascinating toy, loved by many of all ages. the question is, how do they work?

While the mechanics of how they operate can differ greatly between different toys, the basic principle is the same. All radio controlled toys have four main parts:

  • Transmitter – You hold the transmitter in your hands to control the toy. It sends radio waves to the receiver.
  • Receiver – An antenna and circuit board inside the toy receives signals from the transmitter and activates motors inside the toy as commanded by the transmitter.
  • Motor(s) – motors can turn wheels, steer the vehicle, operate propellers, etc.
  • Power source                                                                                                                                  The transmitter sends a control signal to the receiver using radio waves, which then drives a motor, causing a specific action to occur. The motor in a car may cause the wheels to turn, while the motor in a plane may adjust the flaps. The power source is typically a rechargeable battery pack, but sometimes it’s just normal batteries.