Three Steps On How To Make Money On YouTube

Want to know how make money on YouTube?


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By: Turki Alohimeed, Journalist

Many people want to know how to make money on YouTube, but here are the three basic steps that you need to know.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The first thing you need to do is join the YouTube partner programs and earn ad revenue through ads that show before, during, and after your videos. After that, you get to choose what type of ad placements you’re comfortable with, press a few buttons, and Google does the rest.

After set up, Google can show ads on your videos, and each time someone clicks on those ads, both you and YouTube divide the fee that Google controls the advertiser. The split is 45% for YouTube and 55% for the creator.

For example, let’s say that you have a vlog channel on YouTube, and mid through one of your videos, a Netflix commercial plays talking about their newest and most amazing Netflix original series.

We’ll accept that Netflix will pay you $1 for that placement on your video for easy math.

Once that Netflix commercial pops up to the viewer, Google will take $0.45, and you will make $0.55 in your partner account.

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But this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but when you get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views every day, those numbers can add up. 

2. Build a Blog to Compliment        YouTube

YouTube is great for making your brand create fans, drive lots of translations, and increase your business revenue. Not only that, but as the second-largest search website, YouTube offers immense chances to grow your brand in front of your perfect audience and grow your viewers in other areas as well. But what’s most significant to know is that a blog will almost always outlearn any successful YouTube channel for it’s a platform that allows you to connect with your fans on a deeper and more personal level, such as through email and so on.

3. Create a Faceless YouTube Channel

When individuals think of having a YouTube channel, they picture themselves as a full-fledged video creator in front of a camera recording and editing videos until their eyes bleed.

You make a channel full of videos around a specific topic or theme and, as soon as those videos rank or get suggested by the algorithm, you make passive income from ad views.

The greatest part is you don’t want to go through the pressure of recording or uploading videos yourself. Instead, you incorporate content from others that you’re legally allowed to use or follow copyright laws to develop high-quality and exciting content for your channel.