Is YouTube Dying?

Problems With YouTube Recently

YouTube Logo With A Skull And Crossbones Replacing the Logo

YouTube Logo With A Skull And Crossbones Replacing the Logo

By: Jonner Zelaya Varela, Journalist

This is a topic that will impact many people, because with the death of YouTube will come the loss of many jobs and a lot of angry people. To be fair I don’t think YouTube will ever truly die or get discontinued, it’s simply to big a platform to do that, but it is getting worse and worse.

Just to name a few things that have happened recently is YouTube adding YouTube Shorts which is basically just TikTok but in YouTube, I personally think this is a good thing because it has allowed many otherwise unknown creators to grow their channels into something huge but it does have its problems which I’ll explain later. One of the worst things to happen to YouTube is them removing the dislike button, as to why they removed the dislike button, they said it’s because they didn’t want there to be any negativity on their app, but the dislike button is what made YouTube unique, because on most other social media platforms a dislike button would be nowhere to be found. As well as that you will see that the content on YouTube is starting to get worse and worse, which is partially due to YouTube shorts being added because you don’t really have a choice on what gets recommended to you on YouTube shorts, it kind of just pops up and even if you scroll down really quickly it’ll still count as a view for that creator, so it makes it really easy to make really bad content and still get millions of views.


Even after all that what is considered to be the worst thing to happen to YouTube in recent times is them updating their terms and conditions to be more “friendly”, this alone has put many creators in a spot where they cannot make the videos they wish and having their videos taken down. one of the best examples of someone being affected by this is a content creator that goes by “Leafy” he used to make videos on certain people and would point out mistakes that that content creator would make, but with the terms and conditions being updated his videos were deemed as “bullying” and “harassment”, so he decided to quit because all of his videos were getting taken down and flagged.