Getting Ready For GameDay


Image Source: NFL promotional image

By: Teddy Dehn, Journalist

Preparing for an NFL home game is a long and tedious process for the staff that many overlook. From providing gear to preparing the field, the job of an NFL employe is arguably harder than a player.

Managing The Fields

One of the most essential things the staff must do that the whole world sees is to tidy up the field. It takes around 2 hours to repaint meticulously and perfectly aline each hash mark on the field. Another big thing the staff has to do is provide equipment for their teams, such as new cleats, clean jerseys, and conditioning tools. A third thing they are responsible for is to make sure the stands are clean. That means somebody has to check all 500,000 chairs for leftover popcorn boxes and spilled drinks.

Preparing For The Show

The experience fans get from watching the game in person is the deciding factor in whether or not they come back, and that means that it decides whether or not the team gets money. Many teams will try to add new and unique activities that incorporate the fans. One example is VR, and physical animals, which teams like the Ravens, Jaguars, and Seahawks use to make the fans’ day special. The Jacksonville Jaguars recently came up with the brilliant idea of using 3D imagery to project a lifelike gigantic jaguar that leaped from stands, roaring, leaving the fans stunned. This insane idea was then followed up by the Baltimore Ravens, who incorporated lighting with their lifelike raven, making it seem like it was gliding through the darkness of the sky. The other thing teams do is use real-life mascots they trained for their fans. One example of this is the Miami Dolphins, who bring a dolphin to the stadium in a large pool each game and have fans play catch with beach balls.

Clearly, the workers at the stadium spend hours providing for the teams and the fans to have a good experience. After all, without the workers, there would be no football.