California Claims To Own The Most Advanced Lab-grown Meat Facility In The World

By: Srikanth Bala, Student

Within the last 40 years, global meat consumption has tripled, with over 20% more meat consumption having happened in the last decade. This has caused a global problem because more meat production leads to more carbon emissions. The solution to this problem has come in various different ideas. One of the most popular ideas came from the company Impossible. They chose to make fake meat made of veggies. Another less known company, Upside Foods, has a different idea.

Culturing meat. They take small samples from an animal’s diet and biopsies to create fake meat. With their facility headquartered in Berkeley, California, and claims to take hold of a whopping 53,000 square feet, and it is the world’s most advanced. They are estimated to produce at least 50,000 lbs of commercial cultured meat.

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