Sports Engineering

By: Rishithasree Poshala, Journalist

Do you know that engineering is applied almost everywhere? One place engineering is efficient is in sports. Sports engineering is when math and physics are combined to solve difficult problems. These might include: Building the performance rooms ,designing equipment, building facilities, analyzing athlete performance, regulating standards, ensuring safety requirements are met, developing coaching tools. The two main motivations for sports engineering is to prevent injuries and to enhance the performance of athletes.

Sports engineering is mainly mechanical engineering but it’s not limited to this field and also links with physics, mathematics, biomechanics, computer science and aeronautical engineering.  People often get sports scientists and sports engineering confused because they are both really similar. The main difference between both is that a sport scientist is interested in what goes inside an athlete and a sports engineer works on the performance and what the athlete wears for protection.

Finally, Sports engineering is important because it helps increase the spectating of fans because when their  favorite players are injured they wouldn’t want to watch. When players are healthy and are training effectively they are able to break records and take sports to another level .


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