Amtrak’s Acela Train

The Luxuries of Amtrak’s Acela Train


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“Amtrak Acela Train in Washington DC. – 3 Images” by Loco Steve is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

By: Henry Hung, Journalist

Imagine someone boarding a train, without any worry, knowing that they are about to enjoy luxuries of a lifetime. This is because they are riding on Amtrak’s Acela train, America’s fastest train.

The train also includes many amenities like extra legroom, complementary Wi-Fi and access to complementary non-acholic drinks. Aboard the train, customers can buy foods, drinks, and even more legroom!

The Acela train was first made in 2000 as a high-speed train capable of reaching up to 150 miles per hour(mph). The train serves as a principal train on the east coast, serving from Washington D.C. to Boston, with fourteen other stops in between.

The train provides two different seating accommodations at different prices. The business class prices start at $200, with shorter trips starting at just $30. The first-class prices start at $300, with shorter trips staring at $75. The first-class passengers also receive complementary food, acholic and non-acholic drinks, and access to the Acela Café, where famished customers can buy more food at cheap prices.  In order to get a seat on the train, all seats are reserved, meaning tickets must be booked before the trip.

In conclusion, the Acela train includes many amenities at a good price, as well as high-speeds and short ride times.



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