Friday Night Funkin’ Review

Friday Night Funkin Review

By: Eileen Elliot, Journalist

Image of Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay

Friday Night Funkin’, abbreviated as “FNF,” is an open-source game on Newgrounds about a guy and his girlfriend that go around and have rap battles with different people. It’s similar to osu! mania, where you have a key that corresponds to a different lane. Here’s the review!

It’s alright, but sometimes some keys don’t register, and it’s hard for most players to find where to change how fast a chart is. Although some parts of the gameplay are bad, it’s not all bad. For example, it’s extremely easy to personalize the game, it’s easy to change keybinds, and you can even switch difficulties while playing a song. Also, the hit timing is very forgiving in FNF. You could hit relatively late and still get a “sick” or at least a “good.” You would get a “bad” or even miss the note in most other rhythm games. I’ll have to give FNF gameplay is a solid 8/10.

Graphics and UI:
7/10. The layout is pretty good. The health bar isn’t in the way, and there isn’t much in the way of the lane. I took some points off because the background could be distracting. Also, this is just a personal thing, but having an option for middle scroll would also be nice. Having the second lane can be distracting at times, and you have to look at half the screen instead of looking in the middle.

Character design
9/10. The graphics are unique and can be easily recognized. You could easily recognize a character from their silhouette, thanks to their character design.

FNF music is catchy and could get stuck in your head easily. Sure, it’s repetitive, but that fits the style of the game. This one’s also a 7/10.

9/10. It’s open-source and easy to make a new mod. You need to have some knowledge about art, coding, and music, but that is the same for mods in most other games.

Overall, FNF is an 8/10. It’s good, but there are still many things that could be improved. It’s a good game, and I recommend you try playing it at least once!