The Difference Between Mechanical Keyboards and Membrane Keyboards


By: Henry Chuong, Journalist

Keyboards are a pretty universal object. Everyone needs them whether you’re doing some work, or light gaming, but did you know that there isn’t just one keyboard that everyone uses? there are two kinds of keyboards, which are called “membrane” and “mechanical.” Membrane keyboards are generally found when bundled in with a computer, or the keyboard that comes with a laptop, they are made with a rubber dome sheet sandwiched into a case. Membrane keyboards feel very mushy and are slow if you’re playing games. Mechanical keyboards however, are very complicated with a lot more parts making it up, like a plate, switches, and a case. Mechanical keyboards feel leagues better than membrane keyboards. There are also many more options on how a mechanical keyboards sounds and feels. It can either feel tactile, linear, and clicky.  You also have way more customizability options with mechanical keyboards, you can change the keycaps, switches, and every part of the keyboard to make the feel and sound better. All of these do come at an expanse, mechanical keyboards cost way more than membrane keyboards. In conclusion, people usually lean towards mechanical keyboards because of their feel, sound, and customizability, but mechanical keyboards cost more than membrane keyboards, so if you want a keyboard that is cheap and you don’t care much about your keyboard, then you should get a membrane keyboard, but if you have more money and care about the sound and feel about your keyboard, then you should get a mechanical keyboard.