The Amazon Go Store

The Most Advanced Store In The World


“Amazon Go, Madison Centre, Downtown Seattle” by GoToVan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Eric Yang, Journalist

Amazon is a massive company that is branching out to many new areas. One area that they are branching out to is the world of food shopping. One store that they have is the Amazon Go store which is widely regarded as the most advanced store in the world. The idea of Amazon Go is to never have to wait in line or checkout your food items. The Amazon Go store has also caught the attention of many customers wondering “how does the store work?”

Once a customer enters the Amazon Go store, they need to check in using an app on their phone. Then they simply need to just shop, because the store automatically detects when they pick up or put down food. This makes it so that when they pick up an item it is automatically added to a virtual shopping cart. This is capable of happening with  different technology such as, motion detectors and AI tracking technology. Then all customers have to do is simply walk out of the store and all of the items that they had taken out would be charged to their amazon account. If a customer accidentally places an item in the wrong place, then it will still not be charged as the technology is programmed to sense errors and will detect if a customer has left an item in the wrong place.

This store simply outdoes many of the other companies automation attempts, with none of them achieving a goal of having a completely robot-run store. Many would look negatively on this store, however this store is extremely exiting for the future of shopping. Think about it, would it be convenient if we never had to wait in lines?  This new store could solve the problem of waiting in long lines in stores and could save lots of time because lots of people do not like to wait in store lines. In short this new store is a massive feat of technology and engineering and could be the new future of  shopping.