The New Age of Flying Cars

The New Aircar


“The Terrafugia Flying Car @ the 2012 New York Internatioanl Auto Show” by lotprocars is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Eric Yang, Journalist

When thinking of the future of transportation, many would think about flying cars. Flying cars are essentially a car combined with a plane. This makes it so that the essential parts that make a car move, combined with the essential parts that make a plane fly can make a car/plane hybrid or a flying car.

When regarding the future of flying cars, there was recently a new flying car that took the world by storm. This car is called the “Aircar” and was made by Klein Vision. The Aircar recently took flight on June 28, 2021, and it recorded a flight that took an impressive 35 minutes. This flying car took flight from the international airport in Nitra and flew to the international airport in Bratislava. Professor Stefan Klein reports that the Aircar can fly about 1,000 km in the air at an altitude of 2,500 meters and has a cruising speed of 300 km/h.

There are two key modes of the aircar, flying and driving mode. When in flying mode, the wings and tail are completely extended out of the vehicle. This makes it so that the aerodynamics of the Aircar would reflect that of a vehicle that can fly or a private jet. When in flying mode, the propeller of the Aircar is also fully functioning and working to keep the car afloat. While in driving mode, however, the tail is contracted into the vehicle, and the wings are completely stored inside of the Aircar. It takes roughly three minutes to transform the Aircar from flying mode to driving mode.

While the Aircar is certainly a large achievement and is also certainly impressive, it still needs to undergo fixes and fix minor problems in order to be available to the public. Regardless, there are already around 40,000 orders of aircraft in the USA. Another massive bonus is that the car took less than 2 million euros to develop, meaning that the cost of buying one in the future may not be as expensive as many would think. This model is one of the essential parts of the future of flying cars and these futuristic vehicles may be coming to the public soon!



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