How the Immune System Works


“Anthrax bacteria (green) being swallowed by an immune system cell” by ZEISS Microscopy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Elvis Pham, Journalist

Your immune system is one of your most important system in your human body that keeps you alive. Today, we will now learn how your immune system works. A human immune system is one of the most complex biological system after the human brain. Your immune system contains hundreds of tiny and two large organs, it also has it’s own transport network that is spread throughout your body. Everyday, your immune system makes billions of fresh cells organized like an army, which contains soldiers, captains, intelligence officers, heavy weapons, and crazy suicide bombers. When ever you have a bleeding thumb, countless bacteria’s invades your warm caverns between helpless cells., in which they find their new home, steal your resources, and poop everywhere. This is where your first stage of defense comes in, once the cells that are hurt or dying, they scream in panic that releases hundreds of chemical alarm signals that would awaken your immune system. The first cells to show up would be the macrophages. In seconds, the large cells will attack and kill the bacteria without mercy. Inside their body, they stretch out the bacteria’s body and they digest them alive. All macrophages has a limit on how much it can eat before it is exhausted, which is 100 bacteria’s. But since their is too much bacteria’s that the macrophages can handle, they call in reinforcements. In your blood their are thousands of neutrophills that hears and picks up your signal and they move on to the battlefield against the bacteria. Neutrophils are extreme and intense suicide warriors that only live to kill. They have such eager enjoyment about killing that they would most likely to kill themselves after a few days of birth, so that they would not destroy your body from the inside. Once neutrophils encounters the enemy, they begin spitting out deadly chemicals at the bacteria’s, they are so careless about their attacks that they might even cause real damage to your own blood cells. If you like to learn more about the immune system, check out the videos and stories included in this story.