Team Seas

Team Seas

By: Alexander Maung, Journalist

What are Team Seas?

Team seas is a global campaign created by Jimmy Donaldson also known as MrBeast and Mark Rober to help put plastic and trash out of the oceans by targeting the source which is small rivers, so the trash and plastic don’t stream or flow down into oceans. They do this by using 50 ton robots that eat trash and put them into massive containers  where it can be recycled. Their going to put these robots near the source of the all the trash which is small streams and rivers. Team Seas is also going to use volunteers to help clean up beaches filled with trash and plastic.


Team Seas is going to be raising 30 million dollars from Donation so they can slip the money for Ocean Cleanup and for the Ocean Conservancy so these nonprofit organizations can stop trash and plastic from going into oceans. Here’s the link to donate to Team Seas