Naval Architects. What Do They Do?

Have you ever seen or been on a ship before? Here’s everything you need to know about the naval architects that design, build, and finalize naval vessels.


By: Jeremy Huang, Journalist

Naval architects. A job you may or may not have heard of before, categorized under ocean engineering. These architects are unique, and they serve a special purpose to the broader category of ocean engineering. But the question is, what exactly do naval architects do, and why?

In short, naval architects design, build, and maintain all different types of ships. These ships range from aircraft carriers to submarines and everything in-between. Even tankers and sailboats are made by these ocean engineers, but this brings up another important question. More specifically, naval architects typically study design proposals to establish a basis for the ships they need to make the proper adjustments to be used on/in water. They design everything from the systems and interior design to the buoyancy and waterline curves of the hull. But, what is the need for naval architects in today’s world?

Why We Need Naval Architects

There are many reasons why naval architects are necessary to both the progression of marine engineering and economic growth. Most notably, without naval architects, many other fields in marine engineering would not be able to progress since the architects are responsible for making the vessels the other marine engineers require. If you’ve ever seen a ship before, thank the naval architects for being responsible for producing these astounding vessels.


To conclude all the information given, naval architects are marine engineers specializing in fully designing and building naval vessels worldwide. These workers are responsible for almost every ship you’ve ever seen, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to ship goods around the world, and the shipping industry would not be as thriving as it is today.