Nutrient Pollution Filters/Filtration.

Nutrient Pollution Needs to be Fixed.



By: Alexander Hughes, Journalist

The Problem

Nutrient pollution is a problem that involves fertilizers and other minerals and nutrients being caught in the water runoff and being put into rivers, eventually effecting the ocean, and poisoning the water. A way to prevent this is to filter and recycle these pollutants so that the ocean doesn’t get polluted and so the rivers are cleaner.


There are ways to recycle and reuse, along with filter these pollutants, first is “Nutrient Runoff reverse osmosis” which is what they call it according to This method is a way to reduce nutrient pollution, it is quite energy efficient, and the filter has a low ppm output. Along with that it also does doesn’t need complicated sensors of any kind, and is great overall. There is also another machine that can filter these pollutants, and is called a “Recirculating Hydroponic Irrigation” system according to, which is more expensive, but sterilizes the water, and can recirculate most of the nutrient back into the crops, making farmers spend less on fertilizers. A very cheap system that still works well is called the “NRFS” according to, which uses a formula that can filter out most of these nutrient pollutants, making a cleaner ocean.


Overall there are many ways to reduce the amount of nutrients pollution that goes into the ocean via filtration systems, and recirculation pumps.






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