What is Oceanography?

What is Oceanography the Study Of?



National Oceanography Centre

By: Aidan Bishop, Journalist

There are many different types of ocean engineering one of which is oceanography. Oceanography is the study of all aspects of the ocean. It is divided up into four parts which are physical, geological, chemical, and biological oceanography. Physical oceanography is the study of the physical aspects of the ocean like the waves, current, or tide. Geological oceanography is the study of the geographic part of the ocean like the underwater structures, sediments, or rocks. Chemical oceanography is the study of things like water composition and how it affects underwater life. Lastly, biological oceanography is the study of marine organisms and how they interact with the environment. Many different oceanographic tools are created to make it more efficient. This allows oceanographers to take water samples or sedimentary samples more often allowing for a more accurate depiction of the ocean environment’s health.