Marine Careers – Ocean Civil/Structural Engineering


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By: Adam Najmeddine, Journalist

Ocean Civil Engineering – Wallace M. Mosher

What is it?

Many people don’t know of this small but upcoming career. Ocean Civil Engineering is an immerse field with a variety of needed people. When working as a civil engineer, you work on structures, piers, harbors, and coastal buildings. They also do inspections, repairs, and designs. They work to protect the ocean life, and, believe it or not, they work on fighting coastal erosion to fix land loss. They work on designing strong infrastructures to support millions of communities. These important workers collaborate with the government to help ensure safety in all parts of the world.

What is the pay?

The salary as an ocean civil engineering is around $80,000-$100,000. The highest annual wage is paid in D.C, at around $113,000. Most states on the East Coast have an available job. The highest paying industry is Inland Water Transportation.

Expected growth of the job?

The expected growth from 2020 to 2030 is estimated to be about 4%. Though that number isn’t much, in the future it should grow more when climate change reaches an extreme level.


Wallace M. Mosher is a senior project manager at the Portsmouth, N.H., office of Collins Engineers, Inc. He is both a civil engineer and a diver. He does underwater inspections, structural analysis, design, and repair. He works on roadways and bridges. He uses a variety of materials consisting of timber, steel, concrete, stone, and composites. He plans to work on ocean infrastructures and innovate bridges.