Marine Engineer


“Engineering Apprentices at work” by Briscoe French is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Henry Hung, Journalist

One of the most important and amusing jobs in the ocean engineering industry is a marine engineer. They must design, maintain, and build boats, ships, submarines, and many other engines. Marine engineers also must to test the machines that they create.

Marine engineers is an important job because everyone in a project depends on them. Without marine engineers, an engineering project will be unable to design and properly build a vessel. The entire ocean engineering industry could fall without a marine engineer.

Marine engineers also get to work with naval architects, who create a basic design of different crafts. They can work together to make the final design of a vessel.

The average salary of a marine engineer is $82,342. The average education required for being a marine engineer is a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering or naval architecture.

Overall, marine engineers are very useful. Not only do they design and build watercrafts, but they also have one of the most interesting and enjoyable jobs.



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