The Mantis Claw

The Drone Claw


“Lego 42006 Excavator Claw with Adjustable Hooks” by dluders is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Of the many claws, one of the most useful claws is the Mantis Claw. While the Mantis Claw has many uses, one of the most commonly uses for it is for a drone claw. A Mantis Claw has all of the characteristics of a good drone claw, it is durable, strong, and most of all light. The Mantis Claw is what gives a drone its grabbing tool, and it gives it a tool to get to unreachable areas to grab things. The Mantis Claw is composed of 5 different hinged metal talons, and they are attached to the end of a Kevlar Cord. The talons of the Mantis Claw automatically open upon landing on the surface. One of the Mantis Claws biggest advantages is that it does not require any external power source, meaning that you do not need to power the Mantis Claw in order for it to function. The Mantis Claw was initially designed by a British mechanical engineering graduate Ben Kardoosh, who named it the Mantis Claw after the arcade games claw. The standard 5″ Mantis Claw for its weight, could hold lots of weight, for example it could lift a whole entire drone! The Mantis Claw could be made up of several materials, such as stainless steel, sterling silver, or even simple 3D printed plastic. In short Mantis Claws are one of the best claws available for its weight, mobility and strength.