Valorant is One of the Best Games

By: Evann Li, Journalist

There have been countless games made in the world, but Valorant is different from the others.

Valorant is a tactical shooter game. The game involves different strategies such as planting the spike and playing post-plant.  The first team of 5 that gets 13 wins, wins the game. If both teams get 12 wins the game goes into overtime which forces one of the teams to win by 2 rounds or a draw. If you have read up to this point you’re probably asking “how is this different from other games?”

Well, Valorant is different VALORANT Mobile announced by Riot Games - Esports Insiderfrom other games because of the ability to have a tactile shooter with special abilities to help you win the game.  If you were to play the game you would ask “What’s so different?” Well once you start playing it more look at different strategies and execute the strategies correctly, you can see how it is different from other games.