Minecraft-Secrets of Conquering the Enderman

By: Eythan Huang, Journalist

Enderman are hostile mobs in the game Minecraft. They are black and there eyes are purple. They may carry blocks on there hands. They are three block tall mobs with long arms. Enderman are one of the strongest mobs but if killed will drop a rare dropping. The object the endermen drops is a ender pearl which, when clicked will teleport the players to the area they shot the ender pearl at. These are the most efficient ways to kill endermen and getting hit minimally.

First of all, endermen do not attack you if you do not hit it first or stare at it. It is three blocks tall. Some ways to damage it is by fire, lava, water, rain, splash potions and all melee attacks. It cannot be attacked by ranged attacks like the bow and arrow since it will teleport. It has 40 health points which is more then regular hostile mobs. I recommend using the axe because it does more damage but takes a long to time to reload. The reload speed will not matter because the endermen will teleport and that gives the player time for the reload. You should always be prepared when you face the endermen, always wear armor and bring food.

One way to kill it is by building a three by three structure. The player would stay inside of the structure since the endermen cannot get inside. This method is good for grinding ender pearls. Next, if an endermen is running towards the player, the player should run to a lake or a water since endermen get damaged by water and will teleport. After that the player can easily kill the enderman as it stands besides the water. The last way to kill it is by just attacking it head on. The player should get the first kill and just attack. One trick is that endermen will stay in the place if you stare at it. The player should stare at it while getting hits. Do not take too long because it may teleport. This will make killing endermen easier because the player will be able to hit and move while you defeat it.

After this little article about a few tips and ways to defeat the endermen. I hope you are ready to face it next time you see it in Minecraft. There are still many ways to win against it that I did not explain, but these are the ways I use when I face it. Good luck in your Minecraft adventures with this helpful knowledge!