Fifa 21 vs. Fifa 22

What is the Difference?


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“adidas soccer ball” by shibuya246 is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

By: Adrian Banihashemi, Journalist

Fifa is a soccer video game in which people control real life players to win games. Each year, they release a new version. There are several improvements in the newest version, Fifa 22, over the prior, Fifa 21. These include enhanced graphics, new skill moves, and new team rosters.

In terms of graphics, there are 4 main differences. The first difference is the lighting. The improved brightness of Fifa 22 makes the players and backgrounds look more realistic. The second difference is the animations. The animations of Fifa 22 are more like a real kick. When the players dribble and kick the ball, their feet move more realistically. The third difference are the shadows. In Fifa 22, the shadows replicate the movements of the players much more. Though it may seem like a small difference, it makes the game more lifelike. The fourth difference is the physics. In Fifa 22, the physics are more accurate. For example, the players’ hair movement is more similar to reality. This is mostly noticeable during player celebrations and replays.

Another improvement in Fifa 22 is the new skill moves. Fifa 22 added 4 new skill moves which include the skilled bridge, four touch turn, scoop turn fake, and first time spin. While they aren’t that useful, they can be very critical when used in the right situation. However, it is worth mentioning that you cannot perform the same skill move multiple times directly after one another. Instead, you have to time them.

The third difference between Fifa 22 and Fifa 21 are the teams. Since different trades have happened and new players entered the leagues, Fifa 22 has different rosters. In addition, Fifa 22 unlike its prior will update the rosters of teams. For example, if a team trades for a player then Fifa 22 will update its rosters.

All these differences combined show the improvements of Fifa 22 than its prior. Though these aren’t all of them these are just the main ones that are the most noticeable. In conclusion, Fifa 22 in my opinion is a big improvement from Fifa 21.