Goku vs. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Crowns the Ultimate Win

By: Samiya Azam, Journalist

Credit to AngryGermanKidoble’s art from DeviantArt

Mickey Mouse versus Goku. At first, you’d probably think, “Is this even arguable?” Well to compare one of the oldest, childhood characters with the undefeatable Goku from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. Spoiler alert, Mickey Mouse wins.

Goku and Mickey’s Abilities

During the battle, the two characters each had their own abilities.


Goku’s abilities included Solar Flare, Kaio-Ken, Mafubal, Dragon Punch, Kienzan, Kiai, Genkidama, Power Pole, Super Saiyan, Ki Blasts, Super Saiyan (3rd stage), Super Saiyan God, and finally, Kamehameha.

Mickey Mouse’s abilities included his Kingdom of Hearts suit, Pearl, Thinner, Keyblade, Sorcerer’s Hat, (superhero machine) Super Mickey, Magic Brush, and the final weapon…

The Final Blow

The fight starts with Goku using Solar Flare, Mickey falls to the ground. Goku blows a couple more punches and slams Mickey to the wall. As Goku runs towards Mickey, he counterattacks and gets back on his feet. Mickey wasn’t going to lose that fast. The fight continues with Goku and Mickey landing their attacks on each other, but no one was going to give in yet. Attack after attack, punch after punch, they hit each other but there wasn’t anything that could stop the other. Goku tries going into Super Saiyan Blue. Mickey only sees it as a tease. Goku does Kamehameha and knocks Mickey down; weakened. Right when Goku was about to claim his victory, Mickey pulls out the ultimate weapon.

The Stopza. Stopza, is the strongest power move in the fantasy multiverse which surpasses Goku. The Stopza can stop any move no matter how strong it is.

Outside of the fight (above), there is one other weapon Mickey has that could solve anything he desires. His supercomputer, Toodles, can find the solution to anything and anyone. So, theoretically, Mickey could ask Toodles for something to defeat Goku and it would defeat him.

Now, if anyone asks who the strongest fictional character is, you can reply with Mickey Mouse, holding the interdimensional character champion.


Credits to DBXfanon for reference on the fight.