HBO Max, The Superior Streaming Service


By: Henry Chuong, Journalist

Do you want a streaming service that isn’t completely expensive? Do you want a streaming service with an extensive library but without terrible movies and TV Shows too? Well, HBO Max has that covered.

First, The price isn’t too high. HBO Max has two price tags, one ad-free version, which is $14.99, and a $9.99 version with ads. HBO mas also doesn’t change their subscription fee every few years as Netflix does.

Second, the library, one word to describe HBO Max’s library is “quality over quantity. Unlike Disney Plus’s minimal library, Paramount Plus’s small library, and Netflix’s extensive but mostly lousy library. HBO Max has a combination of everything. It has a large children’s library and tons of quality movies and tv shows, ranging from Game of Thrones to The Big Bang Theory.

In conclusion, HBO Max is a top contender for the streaming war, and I would say that it reigns supreme over the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus.