Cheap Drone Motors


“Drone” by LRosatti is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Henry Hung, Journalist

While thinking about making a drone, you should always think of some cheap and easy motors. Today, you will learn about two of the most affordable drone motors that work just as well as the expensive motors. 

One of the easiest drone motors to use is the Brushless DC Motor. This motor is mainly used for fast drones that need good rotation. If you are a beginner, this motor is for you! This motor is light, as it only weighs 18 grams. This is a perfect size for a simple drone. The brushless DC motor is also very energy efficient.  The DC motor only uses around twelve volts of energy.  

The brushless DC motor is very affordable. The simple brushless motor costs $28.98 on Amazon. The motors that are bigger and stronger cost $149.99 on Amazon.

Another very good motor at a budget price is the Hobbymate Quadcopter Kit Motor. This motor has its own cooling system that can cool the motor down. The motor is extremely light. At just 15g, this is one of the lightest motors in the industry. The motor also is cheap, as the motor starts at $49.99 on Amazon and just $14.99 on Hobbymate. 

Both of these motors are very energy-efficient and perfect for a simple drone.  If you have a small budget, these motors are for you!