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Overland by Finji

Overland by Finji

By: Philip R. Hughes, Journalist

Now you may be wondering, what is Overland? Well, it is a turn-based survival strategy game set in the post-apocalyptic U.S. traveling across from east to west. You will be fighting different kinds of rock-like monsters, and of course, scavenging for gas and other things that may help you survive.

The Story 

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What happens to set the U.S. in this post-apocalyptic state is a meteor that crashes in the United States. When they check the crash site, it’s not there, and these rock-like monsters are everywhere, along with curtain landmarks that tell you a little bit more about what happened.

The Characters you will meet

You will meet a variety of characters that either help you or get in your way, some you will be able to befriend. In Overland, you will meet characters/people as you adventure across the U.S., and they can help you as long as you have the space in your car. You will meet people and dogs each with either their own unique perks or no perks whatsoever, so some characters are disposable (and I say this in a nice way) and others not so much. Though say you do happen to leave a person or dog behind, if you leave them with some gas and a drivable car, they might help you later. Yes, you can see your dear travel companions again, either they help you in a time of need, or you see them with a different group of survivors when trading, or they could still be alone, but you can see them again and know that they are still alive, which is great.

The Biomes and Locations

In Overland, there are different biomes and locations that each bring something unique with them. Biomes each bring a new enemy or other things that may make your survival harder, like enemies that have more health, can do more actions per turn, that explode, or kill your character in one hit, each biome also brings a new landmark that will tell you more about want happened. Certain locations tell you if there will be gas there or if there will be loot or other things that might help you with your survival.

The Tools of Survival

Overland has many tools and equipment that may or may not help you on your journey. Items in the game are divided into two major categories: items and equipment. Items take up inventory space and cannot be equipped, but equipment can be equipped and take up no inventory space when they are equipped, but they do take up space when not equipped. This includes but is not limited to: a lighter, headlamp, and a backpack. The are many items that you may acquire on your journey, like weapons such as the machete, molotov, glass bottle, and torch. There are also items that you cannot use but are valuable for trading. Sleeping bags, potted plants, books, and teddy bears are some examples. There are many more items and equipment than what has been listed, and if you want to see them all, you will need to play the game.


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