How Do Polarized Sunglasses

Everyone Loves Sunglasses. But Many People Don’t Know The Difference Between Polarized And Non-Polarized Sunglasses.


By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist

Everyone likes to wear sunglasses. It can be a fashion statement or just for everyday use. But often at stores, it says polarized, and many people do not know what it means. Today I will tell you and show you the difference between polarized and non-polarized. Polarized sunglasses get rid of bad glare in the glasses. They do this by using a chemical film on the outside of the glasses. The chemical film removes horizontal light and only allows vertical light to enter through the glasses. Non-polarized sunglasses do not do this makes it, so more light and glare get through the glasses. Overall polarized sunglasses are better sunglasses at protecting your eyes from glare and sunlight.