How Does a Combustion Engine Work

The Combustion Engine Is A Twentieth Century Technology That We Use To This Day. Today I Will Show You How It Works.


By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist

The combustion engine is one of man’s greatest creations. It has truly changed how we travel and get around in our modern-day. The combustion engine is a simple design with key elements to help it work. A combustion engine uses a cylinder with a piston inside that goes up and down. First valves put gasses in the cylinder that expand and push the piston down. Next, the piston comes back up and compresses the gas into a very tight space. Next, the spark plug ignites and fires the piston back down, starting the sequence repeatedly. The excess gas gets removed by a valve and goes out of the exhaust. This movement drives the crank. Connected to the piston to eventually spin the rear wheel. And gets your car from point A to B.