Jenifer Lopez Inspired Google Images


“File:Green Versace dress of Jennifer Lopez 3.jpg” by Mabalu (photograph), Donatella Versace for Versace (dress). is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

By: Widad Khalid, Journalist

21 years ago, Jenifer Lopez broke the internet with a green Versace and that’s why google image was born.

Jenifer Lopez is a successful Hollywood star. She is a singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, show judge, and producer. She can even add tech muse to the list because she’s the reason we have Google Images today. 

It was 2000 and J.Lo wore a jungle dress by Donatella Versace to the Grammy Awards. The dress became a fashion legend instantly. For its time the dress was scandalous and everyone was searching it up on Google. It became the most popular search query. 

Back in 2000, google search results were just links with articles or websites. Google then realized people weren’t able to get what they were looking for. which was a picture of Jennifer in the dress, so Google Images was created to satisfy users. 

Google’s blog said no one expected an iconic jungle dress to have such a big technological impact. Right now, Google has thousands of images of J.Lo in the jungle dress. Although, Google Images doesn’t only have celebrity fashion, but also has images for everything every pictured, drawn and imagined.


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