Carbon Mapper

Tracking Carbon and Methane Emissions


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“NASA Blue Marble 2007 West” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Caden Mitchell, Journalist

What Is Carbon Mapper?

Carbon Mapper is a non-profit organization wanting to launch a satellite in 2023 that can track carbon and methane emissions. Their goal is to help track greenhouse gases and pinpoint exactly where emissions come from. This is big because it could change how much we know about greenhouse gases and how they affect our Earth. This organization will be able to tell what companies and countries are keeping up with their commitments. This will help propel the efforts to stop global warming and will give specific data to the public.

Why Is It Important and What Is Climate Change?

Carbon Mapper is important because global warming is becoming a huge issue and could wipe out all life on Earth. Carbon Mapper will help us know how bad global warming is and what we need to do about it. When Carbon is in the atmosphere the Greenhouse Effect takes place. Carbon gets trapped in our atmosphere and makes the planet warmer. Carbon Dioxide getting trapped in our atmosphere is a good thing, in balanced amounts, but with industrialization more fossil fuels are being burned, releasing more Greenhouse Gases. This is rapidly becoming a major problem because sea levels are rising, temperatures are rising, there are more forest fires, and more animals are finding harder to live under these warmer conditions. This is clearly horrible and hurting life on the planet. Carbon Mapper could help us turn this around and make our planet the best it can be.



Carbon Mapper Launches Satellite Program to Pinpoint Methane and CO2 Super Emitters