Top Mouse In The Market (Razer Basilisk V2)

Best 2020-2021 Gaming mouse for a price not as expensive. Great quality and awesome built in features.

By: Isaac Villa, Journalist

One of the most important components of reaching your maximum level in gaming is having a good mouse. You can search up mousses on the internet, and you will find many different kinds of them. But throughout the years, there has been an amazing evolution to what we now call a mouse. And to cut it short, we have evolved a lot. The best gaming mouse found in the market in 2020-2021 is the Razer Basilisk V2. This mouse is special because it has more programable buttons and the latest optical sensor, Which has one of the best in tracking and aiming. And the cost for this awesome mouse is up to 80 dollars! It has the best sensors around, and it reaches up to 20000 Dpi. It is discovered that this mouse is super adaptive to whatever game you are playing, and it has an ergonomic shape for the hand. This mouse has to be slightly heavier, But not as heavy as other bulky models. And whoever likes to have their equipment good-looking. This mouse has many overall color combinations and flashings that are controlled by the mouse’s program settings. The mouse comes with a high-quality USB cord to connect to the PC. Finally, this has to be the best gaming mouse for the price and benefits it has.