Ampere Shower Power

The Ultimate Speaker

Source: Mulherin, Connor C

By: Connor Mulherin, Reporter

Do you like listening to music when you take a shower? If you do, then this piece of tech is perfect for you. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that attaches directly to the showerhead and uses water flow to power itself. You will never have to delay your shower to charge your speaker again. This speaker is also made from recycled materials, so it is environmentally friendly. You will also be saving money because you will be charging it and taking a shower at the same time instead of having to use electricity from your house. Surprisingly you can get this machine for only $100. How this machine works is actually pretty simple. Before the water from your shower gets to the showerhead, it rotates a propeller that connects to a mini generator that charges the battery. Shower Power doesn’t take any time to start working. As soon as you turn your shower on, it starts playing music. Once you are done taking a shower, you can still use the speaker for up to ten hours because it stores the charge in the battery.