Are Vertical Turbines The Future of Wind Farming?


Source: @Natesh

Vertical Turbines

By: Colin Park, Journalist

Research from Oxford Brookes University has found that using vertical turbines is more efficient than regular turbines. When the vertical turbines are set in pairs, they increase each other’s performance by up to 15%. According to the Global Wind Report 2021, the world needs to install wind power three times faster over the next ten years to avoid the worst of climate change.

Professor Tzanakis from Oxford Brookes University comments, “This study evidences that the future of wind farms should be vertical. Vertical axis wind farm turbines can be designed to be much closer together, increasing their efficiency and ultimately lowering electricity prices. In the long run, VAWTs can help accelerate the green transition of our energy systems so that more clean and sustainable energy comes from renewable sources.”

Vertical turbines are more efficient because they are more compact, so they take up less space. With traditional turbines, the blades are humongous and take up a lot of space. You can fit a lot more vertical turbines in one plot of land. This would be a gamechanger for climate change because it would reduce emissions from power plants.