The Cadillac eVTOL Air Taxi

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By: Abhi Palikala, Journalist

As car companies move in to try and cluster in the EV segment, there hasn’t been a lot of noise made by the flying taxi’s. However, General Motors (GM) plans to shake up both businesses by introducing the Cadillac eVTOL–a sleek, vertical take off electric drone that fits 1-2 people.

The “prototype” is GM’s first attempt to get into the infant, nascent flying taxi business. By the looks of the drone, it seems to be best suited as an autonomous Uber in the sky, rather than a long distance traveler. While GM released very little details about this project, and we do not even know if this will ever reach production. However, GM did say that this aircraft can reach 90km/h on a 90 kilowatt hour battery–a battery, for comparison, that holds about fifteen-thousand times more charge than your phone.

While this news is exciting, this Cadillac is certainly not the only air-taxi being planned. Airbus is creating a single person VTOL called project Vahana–one that seems very similar to this. Terrafugia is planning a car that can fly, land, and take off autonomously–and immediately off the road. More exciting is the fact that they have said a version will be available in 2025–only 4 years from now.

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