The Fastest Way to Clean Your Teeth

New Unico Smartbrush cleans teeth in only 3 seconds!


“brushing teeth” by bekkchen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Eric Yang, Journalist

The new Unico Smart Brush is the fastest way to clean your teeth. This new way can clean your teeth in just 3 seconds! This new way is supposedly better than traditional brushing because the Unico Smart Brush actually spends more time brushing on each tooth with each tooth having 3 seconds. This brush could clean the teeth in 1.25 seconds and have the same time on each tooth as the recommended 2 minutes using a traditional brush. This brush does require a special toothpaste provided by Unico that can be put into the machine. The Unico Smart Brush is an oversized mouth guard with individual tooth cleaners attached by a rubber band that cleans your teeth, the mouth guard is attached to a motor that powers the mouth guard to clean your teeth. This brush is made from very high-quality materials including a lithium-ion battery to give the smart brush the scrubbing power that it needs to brush. Although this new brush is very promising it still needs verification and confirmation from well-known health organizations.

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