Hovercrafts And How They Work

Do Hovercrafts Actually Hover?


File:SRN4 Hovercraft Mountbatten Class.jpg by Andrew Berridge is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

“File:SRN4 Hovercraft Mountbatten Class.jpg” by Andrew Berridge is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

By: Aidan Bishop, Journalist

Hovercrafts are a very confusing thing of engineering. How do you make something be able to go on land, sea, and ice? Well here’s the simple answer. Hovercrafts don’t really hover, instead they use a inflatable plastic cover, called the skirt, to keep them off the ground. This allows it to be able to float on water and go on ice without cracking it. Many wonder though how does that work for land. the light cover allows it to maneuver on land same as water and ice. They get propelled along the ground by giant fans on the back which push and pull the air in certain directions so you can go whichever way you want.



How do hovercrafts work?