Why scientists chose Mars


Mars.  Image Source:  NASA

Mars. Image Source: NASA

By: Audie Paruchabutr, Journalist

Have you ever thought about why some scientists say we’ll colonize Mars someday? Why Mars, out of all the other planets we have to choose from in the solar system? Simple: Mars is the most habitable and suitable for human survival.

So, what makes Mars the best planet for humans to live on besides earth? Many things, but mostly because it is the most similar object in the solar system to earth. It has many key factors, such as an acceptable temperature, an atmosphere coming very close to supporting life, polar ice caps containing water, and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. With a few modifications or a decent plan, Mars could completely be able to sustain life.

Although Mars may not seem like a very nice place to colonize initially, it is the best choice out of our minimal options. For example, Venus may be similar to earth, but its toxic atmosphere and surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead would kill us before we even landed. Another example is Neptune. Neptune would be completely uninhabitable, as the average temperature is -200c, and the atmospheric pressure would crush a normal human being.

With that being said, that is why Mars is the most convenient place to colonize besides earth, and thanks for reading.