Earth 2 Is a Virtual Earth

A New Virtual World – Earth 2


“Earth” by kristian fagerström is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Our future is virtual; how about our earth though?


What is Earth 2?

Earth 2, is a futuristic idea for another earth; a virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth. Real-world locations are geographically linked to the Earth 2 digital grid system. Its earth’s landscape split into 5.1 trillion land tiles and put into 3 classes. This system is used to generate digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and customized in future phases. Earth 2 is essentially a video game that will use AR/VR to allow players to move freely like Ready Player One.


Phases of Earth 2

Earth 2 has three phases that we know of.

The first phase of the project’s primary goal is claiming land on the map. Phase two resources will be released. Users could generate resources on the land they purchased. They could also trade with other users for credits and other resources. The third phase is potentially the last phase. Users will be given a terrain system, honestly not sure what that means. Although, the developers mentioned the planet will be wiped out from all buildings.

Buying land

You might wonder how to buy land on Earth 2, well I got you.

Earth 2 has a digital grid layer that spans across the entire planet, allowing people to claim ownership of Virtual Land as tiles

When someone logs into Earth 2’s website, they will be able to move around the world map and look at different tiles. A tile is a piece of 10×10 meters of land. If tiles are owned by someone, they will either be red or they will have the owner’s flag on them. If a free tile is found, you can click on it for the price. A tile of land as of today costs $54.76 in the United States. Every tile started at $0.1. If an individual has tiles in a popular area on Earth 2, those tiles prices will increase, according to the Earth 2 website. The website also says, “It is our vision that Virtual Land will increase in value over time based on demand, location, and earning potential, much the same way that physical land does…”

Another option to buy land is to purchase land off someone on the free market. It is called the marketplace in the game. You can also choose whether you would want others to place a bid for your property, or ask for a fixed price; when you own land.



Okay, let’s talk about money. Earth 2 is nowhere near as good as Bitcoin. As well as the in-game currency is not technically actual money, it is not a currency with actual conversion rates and has zero value. It is just internet points or V-bucks. It’s like purchasing in-game currency (gold coins, etc.) to buy things in a game. Also, they are not legally bound to give anyone any money (unlike a registered investment).

With that in mind, here are some ways to make a profit:

  1. Rent Land

A person can rent out their land so other people can build properties on it.

     2.  Income Tax

If people build hotels, houses, amusement parks, malls, and other places, they earn for simply owning the land. On Earth 2, people get paid taxes for owning land.

  1. Mines and Resources

If a person owns the land where natural resources like gold, oil, diamond can be found, they can mine these resources and earn more!

  1. Advertisements

People would get paid a certain percentage just for having land where an advertisement is made.

  1. Referral System

When an individual buys land on Earth 2, they can apply a Referral code so both them and the owner of the Referral code can get 5% credit back. Each person who purchases property gets a Referral code.

The extra credit can be withdrawn or used to buy more properties.



Earth 2 is either a great big scam or an absolutely genius idea. I think Earth 2 is an interesting concept. I also think it’s a Ponzi scheme, targeting young adults.

 Their terms and conditions allow them to shut down the company without informing their investors. They can close shop, keep all the invested funds, and vanish at any time. They are also an unregistered and unlicensed investment. Amongst other red flags, Earth 2’s withdrawal process is very complicated, making it nearly impossible for people to get their funds. In conclusion, buyers are buying land with the hope Earth 2 will become a successful game in the future, there is no certainty.

“If the developers create valuable applications on top of the earth2 software, then it would no longer be a Ponzi scheme, but currently it appears to be one,” says Cem Dilmegani, cryptocurrency investor and in long positions in various technology stocks.


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