FitXR — Future Home Fitness


Source: Cesar Ortiz

By: Dmitri Golden, Journalist

It’s been a year since the pandemic came to be. However, fitness classes remain risky due to the injuries that may occur. Even as at-home workout equipment evolves, it doesn’t become much safer. In fact, some people have died from the equipment. On Thursday, a London-based company called FitXR released a VR workout at home program. It ranges from boxing to basketball workouts in a tech environment. As you begin your class, you are greeted with a virtual trainer and people next to you. However, they are not people. They are avatars that other people control. You do the workout with everyone else. However, this has some dangers, such as you can’t see where you are in the real world, and while working out, you may hit something while moving around. A benefit of this is that you are not using treadmills or bikes, so you don’t risk hurting yourself on them. As long as you give yourself a large open area, this workout is safe and leaves you sweating in the end.

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