IPhone Flip Brings the Old Generation Back


Image Source:  Promotional

Image Source: Promotional

By: Aidan Bishop, Journalist

Apple recently announced the production of a new IPhone. However this one is unlike any other. in an attempt to make them more compact and easier to transport Apple is making a new version of a flip phone. There isn’t much info on it but knowing Apple we can guess what some features might be. We can also expect it to be pretty expensive so those looking for a cheaper version of the IPhone, you’ve gotta keep looking. it is expected to be released some time around 2022 so we don’t have very long to wait. Now what to expect. Well due to the fact that the IPhones keep getting better and better we can hopefully expect some good cameras that may look like the ones on the back of the IPhone 12. We could also expect for some long lasting battery life. Many have bought the Apple pencil for their IPhones IPads or other devices with all the hype about it we can probably expect the flip to be compatible as well. while we have not seen it yet we can expect one more great invention coming from the Apple factories and hopefully soon.