The Glorious Mice

Model O’s vs Model D’s

By: Abdulrahman Alrisheh, Reporter


The Glorious mice are one of the best mice in the world for gaming and for casuals, it offers a ton of RGB options, DPI settings, Macro editor and way more.

Which is the best Glorious mouse?

There are five Glorious mice including the Model O, Model O-, Model O wireless, Model D and the Model D-, the Model O is a symmetrical mouse on the other hand the Model D is a ambidextrous, an ambidextrous is great for left and right handed people on the other hand a symmetrical mouse is great for only right handed people. The Model O- and Model D- are smaller models of the original mice, the Model D- is a Model O size but ambidextrous since the Model D is bigger. The Model O wireless is a wireless model o with the capability to go down to zero MS latency which the regular wired Glorious are only able to go down to 4.

What games are Glorious mice good for?

The best games for Glorious mice are usually FPS (first person shooter) games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, COD Warzone, COD Cold War and etc, some other games including Minecraft and in general online games that deal with player vs player.

How much do they weigh?

ThereĀ  are different types of Glorious mice including Matte and Glossy texture. The Matte Model O is 67 grams and the glossy Model O is 68 grams. The Model O- Matte version weighs 58 grams and the glossy weighs 59 grams. The matte Model D is 68 grams and the glossy is 69 grams. The matte Model D- is 61 grams and the glossy one is 62 grams. The matte texture is more popular.

What clicking methods can a Glorious mouse do?

Clicking methods are the way you click your mouse. Usually people normal click which is clicking with one finger in a decent speed which usually averages from 6-7 CPS (clicks per second). Next is Jitter clicking which is where someone tenses up their finger and spam clicks as much as possible on the middle of the mouse button which averages 11-12 CPS. Butterfly clicking is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers, usually your index finger and your middle finger which averages 13-14 cps. Next is Drag clicking, Drag clicking is where you slide your finger down your mouse with friction the average CPS for this method is 20-50. Now the Glorious mice can all preform these clicking methods almost perfectly if you have the proper skill to preform them.

How much do they cost?

The Model O wireless costs 80 USD, the Model O costs 50 USD, the Model O- is also 50 USD, the Model D costs 50 USD same as the Model D-. These are prices of websites may vary in price.

Should you get a Glorious mouse?

YES! Of course if you are a FPS, PVP gamer then it is so worth it, it provides all you need like DPI, RGB settings and more, they are also very light mice which are perfect for FPS games. Its also a pretty cheap mouse, most mice cost over 100 USD and some even more than 150 USD the Glorious mice provide just as much or even more than a very expensive gaming mouse. So if you’re on a budget and are a gamer then yes you should 100% get it.