Super Smash Bros Brief Beginner’s Guide

Super Smash Bros Brief Beginners Guide

By: Audie Paruchabutr, Journalist

How to get good at SSBU: a short guide for new players.

Basically, this guide will teach you all the essentials to getting good at smash bros so you can beat your friends for bragging rights.

So, what is super smash bros.?  It’s essentially a generic fighting game, with cartoon characters from multiple different video games mauling each other to death. The objective? Simple. Wallop your opponent, and they get launched off the screen.

Alright, so now you know what super smash bros is and tried it out, but you go online and realize you suck at this game. “How do I get better?” you might ask. To get good, the only real thing you need to know is tactics. At this point, you’ve already figured out the mechanics but need strategies to not die. So, let’s go over a few basic strategies.

The first start is to spam aerials. Most characters have really good aerials, and they’re extremely simple to use. It makes you look good when you’re not and is a good strategy for beginners. 

Strat 2: roll>down smash. This is actually really effective for some reason because most players will roll when you roll, without fail. So what happens when they roll into you? They get instantly hit by your attack, giving you free kill confirms.

Strat 3: learn some combos. Most characters have combos, and they happen when you can execute two or more moves in a timeframe in which your opponent cannot react. Combos can happen at almost any time in the game, and some can even lead to a free K’O confirm. They also accel at dealing damage and racking up percentages.

The last strat is to practice. Practice online will get you better at predictions, better at timing, better at avoiding attacks, and just about any other thing you need to improve at. 

Thank you for reading this guide, and you should now not be bad at super smash bros. Hopefully, you’ve learned something from this, and happy gaming.