4G On The Moon



“The Moon tonight” by JanetR3 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Adam Mokatrin, Journalist

Nokia’s new plan with NASA to put 4G wireless on the moon has gotten the attention of many people. Nokia of America was awarded $14.1 million by NASA to construct a cellular network on the moon. The grant is part of a $370 million deal negotiated under NASA’s “Tipping Point” choices, which are intended to advance space exploration research and development. They say that the idea can support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds, and provide more reliability than current standards. In a live broadcast of the announcement, NASA announced that the network will expand to spacecraft and assist in the development of moon-ready technologies. Although there are no specifics about whether this mission will be completed, it is all in favor of NASA’s aim of establishing a lunar base on the moon by 2028. Many people working on this project think it’s a great idea and will see how it progresses in the future.