What To Know Before Getting A Dog



“dog” by davidyuweb is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: Peyton Danner, Journalist

Over 45 percent of American households owns at least one dog as a pet. And many families are looking to get one. Whilst getting a dog might sound simple there are many things you need to know and do to prepare to take care of a dog.  I will tell you some of what you need to know in this article. The main things you should have in your home before getting a dog is a water and food bowls, a leash and a collar with the dog’s name, your phone number in case the dog gets lost and your address so if found the dog can be returned to your home. You should also plan, depending on your dog’s breed, to take them to the groomers every 4-6 weeks and the vet at least once a year for a physical check up.  Another decision that you have to make is what kind of dog breed to get.  Your choice can vary depending on where you live, who you live with, price, amount of care needed and shedding. The most popular dog breed in the US is the Labrador Retriever because of how easy it is to train and its friendliness with kids.  Another popular breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel known to be one of the best dogs for apartments because of how quiet and friendly they are.

Conclusion Those are the things you should definitely know before getting a dog