Bioelectric Hybrid Plane: Fact or Fiction?


By: Noah Bohn, Journalist

A British startup company has taken on building the future, and this future has electric planes in it. The developers are hoping to combat noise and air pollution and put Britain at the forefront of innovation with its futuristic design.

The plane is currently in development, but it will feature an electric motor for takeoff and landing, in regular planes, the loudest and most fuel-draining parts of a flight. It will use batteries that will be subsequently recharged after a few flights. Interestingly enough, the reason for tri-winged design is space for extra batteries for future designs and extra lift. Once in the air, the plane will turn towards its turbo generator for stable flight. The turbo generator will be powered by biofuel rather than standard kerosene. This is, of course, much better for the environment. It will also feature a high-tech interior with seating as well as space for transporting goods.

The company has very high hopes for their new prototype plane and wants to see air travel become more sustainable. And every day, our future looks brighter.

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