How To Play Don’t Starve Together

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By: Zachary Butler, Journalist

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer top-down survival game. A top down game is where the camera, or what you see on your monitor, is put at the top of the game, and you look down at your characters.

In Don’t Starve there are many different aspects of survival, including trying not to starve.  Some of these elements are, keeping your hunger healthy, improving the strength and durability of your items, handling the changes that come with the different seasons, and defeating powerful bosses.

There are many different ways to obtain food in Don’t Starve Together. There are 22 different recipes to make dishes in Don’t Starve Together, all with different pros and cons.

The best dish to make is meatballs, which require one meat and three berries to create. Meatballs restore 50% of your hunger bar, and heal you for 10%. The second way is eating various foods found on the ground. The most common foods found are berries and seeds.

The final way to obtain food is fishing. First you must craft a fishing rod, then get bait and a hook. When you have all of these, you can cast your fishing rod in a pond to catch a fish.