Is The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Worth Buying in 2021?


Image Source: Nintendo promotional image

By: Cavanagh Keelin, Journalist

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, released by Nintendo on Mar. 3 2017 for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch, is, to many, one of the best games ever made by Nintendo. It’s open-world formula was a large leap for The Legend of Zelda franchise to take from the linear progression seen in almost all other of its games. Where before one would have to go from dungeon to dungeon in a predetermined path only every now and then getting to choose where to go (or be able to go) next, Breath of the Wild allows you to explore the entire map and visit any dungeon in any order the player wants. You can even head straight to the final boss if you want a challenge!

Of course, you first have to complete the tutorial to be able to do any of the stuff mentioned above, but don’t worry, Breath of the Wild may have one of the best tutorials in any game! In it, you are given all the tools that you will need on your adventure and indirectly taught important information like how to deal with extreme weather, and to make use of your surroundings in creative ways when fighting enemies.

Breath of the Wild also allows for creativity when fighting monsters and solving puzzles. Monsters and monster camps can be dealt with in any way you want. You can blow them off a cliff with a giant leaf, trample them with your horse, or drag a box across the entire map and hit them! Puzzles in Breath of the Wild are wildly diverse and greatly satisfying to figure out and they always have multiple solutions as well, sometimes with more obvious ways to solve them than others, but never is there truly a “correct” solution so the way you decide to go about puzzles can make it feel like your adventure, unique from all the rest. You can defeat enemies with puzzle-solving tools and brute-force your way through puzzles in this game!

Then, begs the question, is Breath of the Wild still worth buying 2021? If you haven’t played it yet – yes! The game’s huge open world, coupled with the enormous amount of places to explore and things to do, will keep you playing for hours. Even when you’ve finished the game you can have another go at it in master mode – a harder version of the game – try out the DLC, or try speed running it. Breath of the Wild might even get you interested in past Zelda games which – despite some aforementioned criticisms – are very good games as well! Just like during the game, when it’s finished, there’s still a lot more to do!