Whats better Minecraft Java or Bedrock?



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Minecraft is a multiplayer or can be single player sandbox, player vs player type game. They’re are two versions of Minecraft. java and bedrock.


In order to play Java you need a computer that runs windows 7 or above. On the other hand in order to play bedrock edition you can use any mobile device, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and also a computer. Why bedrock edition is the more popular version is because of all the platforms it allows.


The price of Java edition is $26.95, But bedrock edition on mobile devices costs $7, on PlayStation and Xbox it is $19.99, on a PC it is $26.99 and the most expensive version on switch for a whopping $29.99.


Which version is better regarding PvP (player vs player)? Well that comes down to your opinion but Java PvP is usually tougher since you are facing keyboard and mouse players but on Bedrock you can go against a controller or mobile player which isn’t very fair to them if you are on keyboard and mouse. Java PvP is based off crits, crits are the attack where you can deal more damage to your enemy by jumping and attacking as you go down causing a critical hit. On java W Tapping causes you to deal more knockback to your enemy by sprinting and stopping then attacking which can help knock them off an island if needed. On bedrock you dont need all these fancy mechanics you can just combo easily with using cheeky strategies but crits and w tapping do come into play on bedrock. Strafing is the movement of going left and right to confuse your opponent to make them miss attacks they  are trying to kill you with.


Java is well known for the very popular server called Hypixel, hypixel is a pvp, building parkour style server including games such as Bedwars, Skywars, Housing, Duels, Build Battle, Smash Lords and many more! Bedrock on the other hand is popular for the server called Hive, the Hive includes games such as TreasureWars, Skywars. JustBuild, Hide n Seek, Deathrun, Murder mystery, Survival Games and more.


I personally play both and enjoy both! But with all this info what do you think is better? Bedrock or Java? The battle continues..




Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Edition: How to Choose the Best Minecraft version?